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Rivers, Francine A Ponte de Haven(Oficial) Portuguese
Rivers, Francine The Scarlet Thread English
Rivers, Francine Amor de Redenção Portuguese
Boisvert, Francine La magia di Merlino, il mago Italian
Pascal, FrancineSVH11 Too Good To Be True English
Pascal, FrancineSVH10 Wrong Kind of Girl English
Pascal, Francine Twins English
Rivers, Francine The Scarlet Thread English
Pascal, FrancineSVH12 When Love Dies English
Prose, Francine The Turning English
Pascal, FrancineFearless 19 Twins English
Pascal, FrancineFearless 33 Wired English
Mathews, Francine Too Bad to Die English
Pascal, Francine Trust English
Pascal, FrancineFearless 4 Twisted English
Rivers, FrancineLineage of Grace 2 Unashamed English
Rivers, FrancineMarta’s Legacy 2 O sonho de uma filha Portuguese
Rivers, FrancineMarta’s Legacy 1 A esperança de uma mãe Portuguese
Pascal, FrancineFearless 11 Trust English